What We Do

Chairman’s Message

Professional Drivers Training Academy- Is much more than a Driving School. Its is an Educational and Development Academy for the highway transport industry to retain the best of the driving skills. The Academy is a Multi- faceted Training Development Program on Driver’s Driving Ability.

Supports Driver Training & Assessment with the latest Simulator (fully furnished AC room) It is a Simple Multi Station FZ – 40 Power Steering Driving Simulator The most advanced software helps to practice driving in different Indian Road conditions

Also helps driver trainees to practice the good and safe habits like :

  • Correct seat adjustment
  • Correct sitting posture (to avoid back pain while driving)
  • Correct method of holding the Steering wheel
  • Importance of adjusting rear view mirrors ( to avoid accidents)
  • Importance of wearing seat belt (life saving device)
  • Usage of electrical controls
  • Operation methods Accelerator, Brakes and Clutch


  • Simulators with advanced Software
  • Well maintained vehicles for on-road experience
  • Skilled Faculty from certified automotive companies
  • Globally competent infrastructure
  • Technical workshop
  • Interactive class rooms
  • Specific Syllabus for different categories of drivers : Goods carrying vehicle| VIP cabs |Omni Bus| Refresher course | Parcel Services | Ladies driving| Education institution drivers and others

Benefits of Simulator Driving

  • On Road Driving training is provided on different conditions
  • Road – (City, Rural, Urban, National Highways, and Express ways)
  • Time – (Day time, Dawn, Dusk, and Night)
  • Weather Conditions – (Dry, Shower, and Rain)
  • Real Vehicle Controls for a realistic driving experience
  • Emergency scenarios at different emotional levels
  • Experienced Instructors are available to change road scenarios and monitor
  • the driver trainees’ progress throughout training

Interactive Class Rooms

Contemporary class rooms, sound proof ambience with comfortable seating arrangements Videos, Animations and interaction activities featuring a newly updated curriculum Most advanced type LCD projectors for sharp view to see real videos Uninterrupted Electrical supply arrangements

Technical Workshop

Get to know how the Engine, Gearbox, Clutch, Brakes, and other aggregates function. All aggregates are available with cut sections Live model.

What differentiates us?

  • Learn Driving at your Doorstep
  • Easy and convenient payment
  • Flexi Timings
  • Women coaches for women
  • We aid in procuring your License