World Bank-Aided Pudhu Vazhvu Project

One of the prime developmental objectives of Government of Tamil Nadu is alleviating poverty and ensuring inclusive growth. An important intervention in this direction is the World Bank funded Pudhu Vazhvu Project .

We have associated with Pudhu Vazhvu project in a year 2011, where we have involved in training the student in a driving field to become a driver of commercial vehicle with the placement assurance. This course is conducting with a nominal cost without collecting anything from the students.

In this project the total 300 students are trained so far with placement.

  • LMV – 225 students
  • HTV - 75 students

Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women

Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women Limited has stated that the Government of India has restructured the SGSY as National Rural Livelihoods Mission which will be implemented in a mission mode across the country with 25% financial participation of State Governments. In Tamil Nadu, it will be implemented as Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihoods Mission. The objective of the Mission is to “establish efficient and effective institutional platforms of the rural poor that enable them to increase house hold incomes through livelihood enhancements and improved access to financial and public services”

We have been associated with TNSRLM as a partner for training the student in the field of driving in LMV vehicles with the placement since Nov’2013.

In the month of Jan’14 we got the orders from TNSRLM for the Heavy vehicles also. In which the following courses taken place.

First Aid – Alcohol Affects

Health Camp

Yoga Classes

Simulator class

Spoken English


Apart from the driving we do the training for First Aid ,Health camp, Yoga Classes , Simulator, Spoken English, Cut Model Demonstration.

Till Jan'14 we have successfully completed the two batches with 60 students and the third batch will be started by 10th March and 1st HTV batch will be started by 15th March accordingly.